This is TKCB's personal website, but it's working hard......(this CC domain name has been paid to 2027. Please feel free to collect it.)


The last year (2018) didn't have time to design and make my website, but my personal website is a wish of mine. I will build it one day......


I'll share it on the site: technical articles, technical information, software sharing, product presentations, TV play film, life experiences, and:Mysterious content, Mysterious content, Mysterious content......


Maybe you have something to contact me, but you don't know the way I contact you, so here's what happened:

QQ:2414268040  QQ群(group):96759336

热烈庆祝,11RIA 闪客社区 开门迎客(专注Flash技术,做全球最大的Flash AS AIR及周边技术开发者论坛) ——

To celebrate, 11RIA flash open (Flash community attention, as the world's largest Flash AS AIR and the surrounding technology developer forum) ——


百度网盘链接: 密码:iwnw


Here are some of the procedure and software I created and shared (useful for you), There are also many software tools produced by experts to share with you in the future:

King Picture Merge(图片批量合并):

King Tiny PNG JPG(PNG和JPG图片压缩):

King Get Folder File Name(获取文件夹内所有文件名称列表):

King AS3 Plaintext Ciphertext(AS3明文转密文代码生成器):

Animate Flash JSFL 命令集(JSFL Command Set):